As your Mayor and neighbor, I stand committed to ensuring Lawndale remains a safe and prosperous community for our seniors and families. My wife Lèna and I are proud parents of three Lawndale Cardinals. I truly believe our community is the heart of the South Bay, and we will continue to beat strong together; I look forward to serving you for the next two years.

As always, I’m Pullen for You!™

Public Safety

As Mayor and Chairperson of Centinela Youth Services, Robert is committed to increasing the number of Deputy Sheriffs in our community, and supporting juvenile justice diversion programs. Robert will also allocate more funding for the removal of illegal graffiti in our community.

Senior Resident Services

Robert will focus on restoring senior programs and services to pre-pandemic levels. He understands that Lawndale seniors deserve wellness and recreational opportunities, now more than ever; he will ensure the city’s budget provides for senior trips, tours, and activities.

Community Development/Jobs

Robert will continue to make Lawndale a business-friendly city to retain and attract businesses to our community. We currently have two hotels, a recognized market, and more in development. Additionally, the former city property on Manhattan Beach and Hawthorne Boulevards will also be developed soon. Robert will continue to work with the operators to ensure that Lawndale residents have employment opportunities.

Homeless Services/Encampment

As Mayor, Robert serves on the Caltrans/City Council Sub-committee, where they continue to work with Caltrans to clean up homeless encampments. If re-elected, Robert will continue to work with Caltrans, the Highway Patrol, the Sheriff’s Department, and homeless services providers to address the homelessness crisis.

Robert Pullen-Miles 2022

As Mayor, Robert Pullen-Miles

  • Secured $4 million in state funding for a new Lawndale Youth Center (in the planning stage)
  • Secured $2 million for local road improvements
  • Passes a local moratorium on evictions of Lawndale families
  • Launched the Lawndale Care Project, which provided food and essential supplies to Lawndale families.
  • Adopted a balanced and healthy city budget
  • Supported reduced permit fees for Lawndale residents

Service to the Lawndale Community

With more than twenty years of public service to the community, Robert Pullen-Miles has had the honor of serving Lawndale residents as a planning commissioner, city councilmember, and Mayor (for the past eight years). In addition to serving you as Mayor, Robert has been busy (during his tenure as a public servant) presenting our families on the Los Angeles County Sanitation District Board, Los Angeles County Library Commission, League of California Cities, South Bay Council of Governments Board of Directors, and more.

Robert Pullen-Miles 2022
Robert Pullen-Miles 2022
Robert Pullen-Miles 2022
Robert Pullen-Miles 2022


  • Lawndale Mayor Pro Tem Rhonda Rhonda Hofmann Gorman
  • Lawndale Councilmember Pat Kearney
  • Lawndale Councilmember Bernadette Suarez
  • Lawndale Councilmember Sirley Cuevas
  • Lawndale City Clerk Erica Harbison
  • Lawndale Elementary School District Board Trustee Bonnie Coronado
  • Lawndale Elementary School District Board Trustee Adim Morales
  • Centinela Valley Union High School District Board Trustee Marisela Ruiz
  • Former Centinela Valley Union High School District Board Trustee Daniel Urrutia
  • Lawndale Planning Commission Chairperson Johnny Martinez
  • Lawndale Planning Commission Vice Chairperson Scott Smith
  • Lawndale Planning Commissioner Madonna Sitka
  • Lawndale Planning Commissioner Ni Kal S. Price
  • Lawndale Planning Commissioner Erick Escamilla
  • Lawndale Parks & Recreation Commission Chairperson Jessica Martinez
  • Lawndale Parks & Recreation Commission Vice Chairperson Ignatius Lin
  • Lawndale Parks & Recreation Commissioner Christina Carroll
  • Lawndale Parks & Recreation Commissioner Sylvia Hathaway
  • Lawndale Parks & Recreation Commissioner Daniel Woods
  • Inglewood Mayor James Butts
  • Inglewood Councilmember Alex Padilla
  • Inglewood Councilmember Eloy Morales
  • Josephine Gonzalez
  • AFSCME Local 1895 Lawndale Municipal Workers
  • LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
  • Los Angeles County Firefighter Local 1014

We need Robert’s experience, commitment, and leadership to keep Lawndale moving in the right direction

I’m Pullen for You!™